Parylene Coating and Its Applications in the Industry

Chemical insulation posed a challenge for chemists and industrials, that is until the discovery of Parylene in the 1940s. William Gorham made the breakthrough in insulation technology that allowed the application of Parylene film on various materials. As of today, Parylene is a vital part of chemical and electrical insulation, which makes it essential for various industries.

Parylene coating is the go-to protective coating in the aerospace, electronics, and medical fields. Traditionally, liquid coats are applied to insulate certain materials in various industries, which can be difficult to apply. The advantage of Parylene Coating is its lack of a liquid stage; Parylene is applied in powder form that coats surfaces of different kinds.

The film that is formed by the application of Parylene Coating is solid, with no pinholes, and is resistant to the effects of inorganic and organic materials, as well as acids. Thanks to its unique qualities, Parylene is applicable for chemical isolation, moisture isolation, and electrical insulation.

Parylene Systems and Parylene Coating

Parylene coating must be accurate and pore-free, which is why the preferred method of Parylene application is with vacuum systems. Such systems are made up of a vacuum pump and a vacuum chamber that operate in 0.02 to 0.1 mbar.

Before the application of Parylene, materials must be cleared of all foreign materials, which ensure the even coating of the chemical. The removal is performed by a vacuum pump that is followed by the Parylene vacuum.

A cold trap is installed between the vacuum pump and the vacuum chamber in which the Parylene is extracted in its monomer polymerises form (the monomer form can polymerize and damage the pump).

A quality Parylene pump ensures accurate and even coating that leads to the insulation of various materials in several industries. The Parylene vacuum pump must include all the necessary parts for the coating process that greatly affects the quality of the following processes. 


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